Idea Behind
Rhythmic Breathing

6 Exercises + 6 Minutes a day = TOTAL Control

3SRB is an ancient technique of breathing which calms the mind and brings total physical, emotional and mental health to our body-brain system.

By practicing this technique, it has been found that many physical ailments such as asthma, heart problems, diabetes, arthritis and digestive-related causes have started healing and well to the path of recovery. Apart from the physical benefits, it leads to a state...



"Refining" means to cleanse- a process that separate pure gold from the other impurities. Impurities are the obstacles to extracting pure gold.

The main obstacles for our evolution are the emotional granthis or knots which have formed in the astral body. The astral body is ‘a body of fine energies or pranas which have the quality of emotions and that is why negative emotions can create blocks.’
These granthis have been formed by the collection of negative emotions and their memory patterns over very long periods of time (not only this life, but birth after birth after birth)....


3 Step Rhythmic Breathing

The Power of 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing

Yogi Sri Soli Tavaria founded the 3 Step Breathing. Mr. Rajen Vakil his disciple followed this teaching and continues the journey of 3 step rhythmic breathing. He established that the essence of healthy and balanced life is in learning the right breathing technique - the term 3 Step Rhythmic Breathing. He also introduced a simple breathing exercise routine in the form of ‘Refining Exercises’ - the purpose of which was to refine the body-brain system and upgrade awareness.

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