There are two paths to healing our bodies and mind.

In one, we rely purely on medicine and external aids while in the other, we awaken the body’s capacity to heal from within.

Self-healing is not just a process of healing but becomes an inner journey of self-transformation. It expands our consciousness and brings clarity in perception, joy and happiness. The easiest and the most effective subjective tool to self-healing is our breath.

We have taken our breathing for granted without ever realizing that there could be a direct relationship between breathing and health. Total health is not just about the physical well-being but takes into account the emotional and mental aspects as well. We might be healthy physically but if we get upset and irritated all the time, it makes us emotionally unhealthy. Similarly, our brain chatters all the time which is beyond our control. Until, we are able to calm this chatter, we cannot claim that we are mentally healthy.

Most of the times we live in negative emotional states that range from being upset, irritated or excited, in fear, complaining or holding onto a lot of stress. These states have a direct influence on our health. They increase our heart rate, blood pressure, decrease our digestive power, and inhibit our capacity to relax and sleep and even affect the sex function.

Just as our emotions affect our health, they also influence our breathing i.e., every emotion has its own breath.
In anger, we take quick and shallow breaths, under heavy stress, we feel suffocated and when we are impatient, our breathing is chaotic.

Now the opposite is also true – by breathing in rhythm we can calm all our emotional outbursts and silence our chattering brain.

Just by learning to breathe in this rhythm can restore the body to total health. It turns on the natural relaxation response of the body which in turn activates a process of self- healing. Each breath we take is healthy and works to harmonize our negative emotions, healing all the repressions and wounds we hold in our subconscious minds.

Slowly our brain stops its incessant chatter freeing us of stress. We enter into our comfort zone into deep relaxation mode which automatically brings health, peace and happiness.

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