Idea Behind
Rhythmic Breathing

6 Exercises + 6 Minutes a day = TOTAL Control

3SRB is an ancient technique of breathing that calms the mind and brings total physical, emotional, and mental health to our body-brain system.

Many who use this practice have also discovered relief from physical ailments such as asthma, heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, and more. Apart from these benefits, 3SRB leads to a state of deep meditation wherein a person can realize his own true divine nature.

The practice of 3SRB re-teaches us how to breathe the way we did at the time of our birth. Since our life is about breath, health and emotional issues are naturally related to the amount of oxygen our body receives via the rhythm in which we breathe. When a child is born, they breathe 36 times per minute. As adults, our lung capacity increases, making our normal rhythm of breathing 12 times per minute. But most of us breathe much faster, affected as we are by emotions and our actions or the actions of others.

 Once we become happy again, our breathing changes as a result. We cannot control the actions of others BUT we can work to control our own reactions. When we keep our reactions in Balance, the power of others’ actions will automatically diffuse.

This is the fundamental idea behind this unique method of rhythmic breathing- The concept of 6 simple exercises for 6 minutes a day brings our breathing back into the rhythm we had when God created us, freeing us from negative reactions while also solving many health-related problems.